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Episode #051 - On Pregnancy & Celiac Disease


In this episode Dr. Pastore covers infertility in men and women could be caused by Celiac Disease. If you have the HLADQ2 or HLADQ8 Celiac gene but do not have Celiac disease, your child still could be born with or develop Celiac disease. If one of the biological parents are a gene carrier or are a diagnosed Celiac, a gluten-free diet should be followed during pregnancy

Episode #050 - On Pregnancy Nutrition (Part 2)


In this episode, Dr. Pastore discusses daily nutrient requirements for pregnant women, including float, iodine, choline, EPA & DHA, Iron, Magnesium, Inositol and Calcium. He also talks about preeclampsia, monitoring for gestational diabetes, morning sickness and nausea, and pregnancy brain.

Episode #049 - On Pregnancy Nutrition (Part 1)


The first 1000 days of life - from conception to age two - are the most CRITICAL nutritional period to prevent health issues and diseases that may arise later in a human’s life. Dr. Pastore shares his two+ decades of experience treating pregnant women and optimizing their nutrition for a safe, healthy pregnancy.

Episode #048 - On "Calories In Calories Out" for Weight Loss


Dr. Pastore and Lexie are back and kicking off 2020 with a popular “New Years Resolution” health topic - calories in vs. calories out. When it comes to weight loss, there are many factors people typically don’t take into consideration when calculating both the “calories in” and “calories out” portions of the equation.

Episode #047 - A Patient Case Study


In this episode, Dr. Pastore shares one of his favorite patient cases where he was able to identify a “zebra” diagnosis when the medical community had diagnosed this patient with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) - a disease that gradually paralyzes people because the brain is no longer able to communicate with the muscles of the body.

Episode #046 - On Gluten Exposure Recovery for Celiacs


This week we discuss being “punked” and what to do if you unknowingly (or willingly against all recommendations) ingest gluten as a celiac. Dr. Pastore shares his personal experience and discusses the typical symptoms a celiac would experience, the facts and myths about what a celiac should do to recover if they have consumed gluten, the immediate steps you should take and when you need to see your medical professional.

Episode #045 - On Gut Health and Mood


In this conversation, Dr. Pastore explains the direct scientific links between gut health and mood. He covers how the gut and brain are systematically connected, the balance of gut microbiome, and why a damaged digestive tract can lead to mood-related disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Episode #044 - On Migraines


Dr. Pastore shares his history with migraines and the signs, symptoms, causes, treatments and science behind migraines. Talking points include: the 4 stages of the migraine, including the “migraine hangover”; what triggers migraines, including MSG, aspartame, and tyramine-containing foods such as dairy, yeast extract & fermented foods; and the prevalence of dairy being a trigger in Dr. Pastore’s migraine patients & how to follow a one-month dairy elimination diet.

Episode #043 - On Nutritional Deficiencies and Increased Infection Risk for the Celiac Population


Dr. Pastore covers the typical nutritional deficiencies the newly diagnosed celiac patient may experience, the mistakes practitioners make when attempting to correct these deficiencies, and what YOU can do to be your own health-care advocate. He then explains why those with celiac diseases (following a gluten-free diet or not), or even those with a gluten intolerance are more at risk to pneumococcal infections such as bronchitis, sinusitis, meningitis, and sepsis and what you can do to prevent this.

Episode #042 - The Neurochemistry of Concussions


Dr. Pastore and Lexie dive into what is happening to the brain chemically in the days, weeks and months after a concussion and why these neurological changes cause concussion symptoms including loss of consciousness, laps in memory, fatigue, anxiety, memory, food cravings and even catching a cold.

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